Monday, January 16, 2006

Shane in Tight Dresses

I decided for the remainder of this season of The L Word, I am going to be posting episode highlights (basically my favorite parts of the the episode) Expect them on Mondays or Tuesdays each week unless my computer implodes.

So on to the highlights:

Shane in a dress

Shane in a dress with sneakers

Shane in a dress with man panties

Shane in a dress with long flowing hair

Shane in a dress dancing with a man

Alan Cumming in drag

House cleaner is code word for hooker

Moira peeing standing up

A few things from the premiere have become less annoying. They include:

Moira's voice. It raped my ears in the premiere but now it's tolerable:

Alice's craziness is becoming endearing and humorous:

Stuff that is still annoying from the premiere:

Tina and her heterosexual tendencies

The almost couple of Alice and Helena

Anyway, If anyone saw the Canadian short film Interviews with My Next Girlfriend, this woman was in it:

Man, I seriously love Shane in a dress. If only that gag could run all season.


Blogger Goggle said...

Wait, how does Moira pee standing up?

Alan Cumming in drag is not so good.

I admire your motivation to recap and screencap TV shows. I'd get bored and overwhelmed after five minutes.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, girls in man panties are hottt

7:34 PM  

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