Thursday, January 12, 2006

The End of Diana

The saddest thing happened last night. Diana was kicked off Project Runway. Because of this horrible news, I am dedicating this post to the designs she created during her time on the show.

Her first design was fricken awesome even though the magnets didn't work. It was more original than some other designs and neato to boot.

Okay, seriously, who could not love that outfit. The little hat makes me giggle with joy. It's awesome and the pattern is so cool.

First off, that fabric is extremely cool. If her design won, I would have bought several of those barbie dolls.

I'd buy that lingerie and I'm a lesbian.

Nicky Hilton has shitty tastes. If I was her, I would have so chosen Diana's design over any of the others.


I knew that Diana wasn't going to win but it wasn't her time to go yet. It may have been Marla's but they shouldn't have done a double elimination. That's just evil. AtleastI still have Chloe.


Blogger Goggle said...

I was preparing myself for this for a week, so it's not as painful as it could have been. At least we don't have to see her getting made fun of by other contestants (I can't stand seeing that) or struggling with a design. She seems like someone who needs more time to really perfect a concept (like the really science-y stuff) so hopefully she'll do well in the future. The only thing I'm mad about is that she got eliminated for a boring design that was probably Marla's, instead of something creative that was her own but not right for BR.

At least I still have Daniel.

7:24 PM  

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