Saturday, January 07, 2006

Diana Rocks My Robotic Socks

Seriously, she is the coolest contestant on Project Runway since Nora (who I shall love endlessly unless someone hotter becomes a contestant on Project Runway). All her designs have been wicked awesome (even if that poopheaded [I'm 16 years old. Of course I'm going to use poop jokes to insult famous people] Nikki Hilton thought her last dress was "unflattering").

I also dig how she incorperates computers and science into her designs. If I had a credit card, I would so buy one of those "fashion nerd" buttons (even though I am only the latter).

She is my role model and if I had an interest or talent in fashion design, she would so be my inspiration for all my designs.

Santino is so uncool for making fun of her and calling her a virgin. I really don't think that's any of his business. It was also really uncool of Nick for joining in on that. I thought he was better than to resort to name calling.

Anyway, I am completly in love with drunk Diana. She can have a drunken experimental lesbian fling with me anytime.

I really hope that she and Marla don't get eliminated next week.


Blogger Goggle said...

Yes, Diana is awesome! I hope she stays in for a long time, and if she is eliminated, it's not because of Marla.

4:30 PM  

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