Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mosh All Over Me

Recently I read the book Mosh Pit by Kristyn Dunnion and I could not help but notice several similarities it had to the movie All Over Me. I understand that the autor could have used the movie as her muse but to me, it felt like a rip off, almost.

I wrote a summery of the book and I put the comparisons to the movie in brackets.

The book is about a punk teenage lesbian named Simone who lives in a bad part of a Canadian city [The movied is about a riot grrrl teenage lesbian who lives in a bad part of New York City] who is in love with her straight best friend, Cherry [The same goes with the movie]. The two are extremely close until Cherry starts dating a drug dealer and gets heavily involved in drugs [The best friend starts dating a guy in a gang who is involved in drugs]. Realizing she has no chance with Cherry, Simone sets her sights on Carol, a girl she met at a concert [The main character meets her next love interest at a concert]. Cherry falls deeper into drugs and starts committing robberies to pay for her addiction. Simone cut offs all ties with her [The main character stop hanging out with her best friend]. In the end, Cherry and her boyfriend are arrested and sent to jail and Simone and Carol ride happily into the sunset [The boyfriend is arrested and the main character and her girlfriend seem very happy in the end].

Yeah, that was a lot of similarities. Maybe it was shear coinecidence or maybe All Over Me was used as an inspiration. I may never know. If you're in the mood for a dramatic, not so original lesbian punk rock novel, you may enjoy Mosh Pit.

I have to say though the livejournal entries used in the book were extremely hilarious and so true to what someone would write in there.


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