Monday, August 27, 2007

I Hate Being a Teenager

I have never had much hope for my generation. All forms of mainstream entertainment have been deteriorating and so has the public's taste. This is especially true for teenagers and I have finally stopped pretending that everyone my age is into Jim Jarmusch and twee pop. What brought about this revelation?

The Teen Choice Awards.

Out of curiosity I decided to check out who won (actually I wanted to see if South of Nowhere won) and I was horrified by almost every single "choice" that teenagers, my peers, made. Here is a list of the winners that have given me no hope for the future:

1. Choice Movie: Action Adventure: Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End.
I must admit I haven't seen it. The first one was more than enough of a waste but according to my brother who majors in film, it was a total crapfest. The critics seem to agree. I guess Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were a large part of why it why.

2. Choice TV: Movie: High School Musical 2.
First off, had this even premiered by the time the "voting" had ended? Second, I don't understand how this could be popular to anyone over the age of 12. The acting is weak, the plot is weak, and the entire film is weak. I don't understand the appeal of the High School Musical franchise (and I love musicals) or how it was able to garner 17 million viewers when it premiered on a Friday night! I guess it is just one of life's mysteries.

3. Choice TV Actress: Comedy: Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
Hannah Montana?! The freaking Disney Channel Original Series?! I thought this was the TEEN choice awards, but obviously it much more targeted towards the tweens. I really cannot believe anything produced for the Disney Channel could be recognized for acting. I guess overacting is in now a days. That would explain a lot.

I could make a lot of comments about the music choices but none of the nominees were any good to be begin with so it would just be beating a dead horse. I think I may just have to accept that the majority of the teen population has crappy taste and will probably have crappy taste the rest of their lives. Ce la vie.

Note: Please do not take offense to my unintelligent rant. This is just my opinion and I am not trying to degrade anyone in anyway.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Don't blame me, I voted for my poodle.

I really should update this thing (although no one besides myself reads this). In case anyone else is reading this, here's a quick update on my life:

1. I got my first real job at a Dunkin' Donuts (seriously the worst job ever)
2. I'm starting my senior year of high school in 2 weeks and I will be 18 in 4 months and it freaks me out more than anything.
3. I have a social life now which was inconceivable when I first started this blog.

So anyway, this summer I have become obsessed with three things. The first, the greatest reality show ever,
Who Wants to be a Superhero (I think the title explains it all). Never has a reality show been so fake yet so unapologetic about it and it's freaking awesome. I first got into last summer when the SciFi channel aired a marathon of the first season before the finale. Only Bravo reality shows and America's Next Top Model have had the same effect on me. So of course I was extremely excited for the second season (which my brother refused to try out for despite my constant encouragement) and I have not been disappointed so far (except for the almost total lack of eye candy). I was rooting for Basura (because she was smokin' especially in her civilian clothes) before she got the boot last week and now I am all for Hyperstrike (who makes me question my sexuality). So um, watch it. You won't regret it. It's on Thursdays at 9.
Hyperstrike and Basura

My second obsession of this summer has been the video game Bully. I know it's been out for almost a year but I didn't get around to buying it until a week ago and man am I pissed at myself for waiting so long. I never thought there would be a video game that I would spend more time playing than Guitar Hero but I was terribly mistaken. The story is amazing, the game play is amazing, and the ability to make the player you control (a teenage boy) make out with other boys is pretty freaking amazing. I'm not gonna get into what the game is about but trust me, go play it. You will not be disappointed.

Jimmy Hopkins, the main character

Um, I know I wrote before that I had a third obsession this summer but I kinda forgot what it was while I was writing about my other two obsessions. If it comes back to me I guess I might write about it if I don't forget about this blog again.

So I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I'll start updating this again and people will actually read it again.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Your Mother

Um yeah... I haven't posted here in a long time and that is because of my laziness.

Anyway, all my favorite shows seem to suck this season:

1. America's Next Top Model: A show that has been near and dear to my heart since cycle 5 is almost completly unable to hold my attention anymore because of the lame contestants, shoots, and challenges. I mean, Fabio for christ's sake?!

2. Veronica Mars: To start, the credits suck. The old credits used to be my all time favorite but now, it's too depressing. Also, the episodes are pretty boring in comparision to the first and second season. I truly hope the show picks up because it's still one of the best shows on tv.

3. South Of Nowhere: JESUS CHRIST! Chelsea's Pregnant?! Glen's a druggy?! Ashley and Spencer never make out?! This show is just lame on stick nowadays.

Okay, so that's it for now. Hopefully I'll update again before June.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random Music Rant

Yeah, I don't really update this thing. Mainly because I assume that no ones (besides Susan) reads this thing. Seriously, if you read this and want actual updates, comment and I'll try my best to update at least once a week.

(By the way, I'm so sorry for the incoherenceness of my last post. I was in a rush and I didn't re-read it or anything)

Anyway, onto actual ranting.

Today's specialty is random music. Yay?

Tegan & Sara:

I haven't been listening to them lately but I have been listening to covers of their songs and I gotta say that the covers are so much better. White Stripes does an amazing cover of "Walking With a Ghost" and some random people did a brilliant cover of "Not Tonight". I'm not bagging on Tegan & Sara at all. Writing good music is a lot more important than performing well. Bob Dylan is a great example of that. I guess I'm just saying that I would rather listen to a Tegan & Sara tribute band than the actual thing.

Less Than Jake
I am a HUGE fan of Less Than Jake. I have loved all their release, memorized most of the words to their songs, and went all the way to New Jersey to see them (That is a very big deal to anyone from New York). But they're latest effort, In With the Out Crowd (to be released next Tuesday) is the worst piece of garbage I have heard since Good Charlotte's last album. I thought Anthem was as poppy as these guys were gonna go but I was completely wrong. The band completely lost any originality they had in their earlier release (which must have included the horn section since it is noticeably absent most of the album).

I can't believe that this album was produced by the same guy that produced Hello Rockview, arguably the best Less Than Jake release ever. The one song that sounded in the slight like anything off the album, "We, the Uninspired" was left off the full length and only released on the E.P. Absolution For Idiots.

I am so disappointed with this release. I was hoping for some fun upbeat ska-punk with a hint of pop but what I got was what would happen if Good Charlotte, Simple Plan or any of those other horrible pop bands that try to pass off as punk added a horns section. Take my advice, don't buy the album, just put Hello Rockview on and reminisce of better days.

Yeah, that's it for now. I hope you're happy. I wrote a fricken album review. I really will try to update more if I find out that people actually read this.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I live!

Woah, I'm extremely sorry for the complete lack of updates. I could say I was extremely busy but that would be a lie. Since my last update the only things of importance I have done were
  1. Go to the NYC Comic Con hopped up on painkillers.
  2. Watch Season 1 of Veronica Mars and Popular and every single episode of Dead Like Me.
  3. Fell in love with Top Chef and...
  4. Boycott the L Word.
Okay, well the NYC Comic Con was pretty fricken awesome. I got to see Kevin Smith talk and I bought a Vampire Willow (from Buffy) action figure.

Veronica Mars is pretty much the best TV show on television right now and Popular and Dead Like Me were definatly some of the most original TV series ever created cut short.

Top Chef is the Project Runway. It is amazing. I hate most cooking reality shows but seriously this shit is fricken addicting.

The L Word officially sucks. Dana is dead, Shane is stupid, and Tina is a bitch. The show really needs to end.

Anyway, that's all except that Danielle will be winning America's Next Top Model.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Love Being Right

Who has the best gaydar ever? Holly does. Leslie is totally bi according to her myspace.

I rock.

I rock.

Oh yeah!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

America's Next Top Lesbian

On every single cycle of America's Next Top Model, there is a lesbian/bisexual contestant even if the contestant does not come out on air. I have made my pick for the lesbo of this cycle and it is Miss Leslie (what a great lesbian name) of Higley, Arizona.
Why, you ask that I assume she may be not so straight? Her favorite movie is Gia. Gia is about a lesbian model and contains one of the steamiest sex scenes in any movie... ever... except porno.
In other Top Model news, my early favorite is Mollie Sue. Yes, she has the most hick name ever but she's hot and tall so it makes up for it.

One last thing: What kind of name is Nnenna and how the hell is it pronounced?
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