Monday, January 23, 2006

Alice Needs A Hug

Like I promised, here is my L Word post:

First and formost, I must say that I LOVE Angus. He is the coolest dude on the show ever. He's much cooler than Tim and most definatly Mark. I want to have his babies!
Also on the Holly love train is Alice. I can't get enough her. She is so fricken funny as a crazy person.
Shane is as hot as ever.
I'm not a big fan of this new bitchy Carmen. What the fuck was up with her 'tude this episode?
Just becaue Moira gave her cow balls doesn't mean she has to hate her.
It's not like Carmen even ate them. (I could make a really dirty joke about Moira right now but I won't)
I'm also glad to say that this episode was light on the Helena. Thank god. I can't stand that woman.

That's it for the highlights. It's not a lot but I have a midterm in less than an hour and I really should be studying.
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