Monday, August 27, 2007

I Hate Being a Teenager

I have never had much hope for my generation. All forms of mainstream entertainment have been deteriorating and so has the public's taste. This is especially true for teenagers and I have finally stopped pretending that everyone my age is into Jim Jarmusch and twee pop. What brought about this revelation?

The Teen Choice Awards.

Out of curiosity I decided to check out who won (actually I wanted to see if South of Nowhere won) and I was horrified by almost every single "choice" that teenagers, my peers, made. Here is a list of the winners that have given me no hope for the future:

1. Choice Movie: Action Adventure: Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End.
I must admit I haven't seen it. The first one was more than enough of a waste but according to my brother who majors in film, it was a total crapfest. The critics seem to agree. I guess Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were a large part of why it why.

2. Choice TV: Movie: High School Musical 2.
First off, had this even premiered by the time the "voting" had ended? Second, I don't understand how this could be popular to anyone over the age of 12. The acting is weak, the plot is weak, and the entire film is weak. I don't understand the appeal of the High School Musical franchise (and I love musicals) or how it was able to garner 17 million viewers when it premiered on a Friday night! I guess it is just one of life's mysteries.

3. Choice TV Actress: Comedy: Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
Hannah Montana?! The freaking Disney Channel Original Series?! I thought this was the TEEN choice awards, but obviously it much more targeted towards the tweens. I really cannot believe anything produced for the Disney Channel could be recognized for acting. I guess overacting is in now a days. That would explain a lot.

I could make a lot of comments about the music choices but none of the nominees were any good to be begin with so it would just be beating a dead horse. I think I may just have to accept that the majority of the teen population has crappy taste and will probably have crappy taste the rest of their lives. Ce la vie.

Note: Please do not take offense to my unintelligent rant. This is just my opinion and I am not trying to degrade anyone in anyway.


Blogger Goggle said...

High School Musical 2 won because it was the campest thing that Disney has put out in a while. Just watch the video of Zac Efron prancing through the desert and if you don't LOL you either are a 12 year old girl or you have no soul.

12:07 AM  
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Blogger TheC said...

Everything you said seems fair enough (except I love pirates, but to each their own), granted I'm no longer a teen, but I remember the "teen" choice awards as basically supporting what was force fed as popular.

In addition, thanks for the blog comment. I think the Dresden Dolls, and thus Amanda Palmer do some of the most unique music right now. If haven't already heard of them, Gogol Bordello and Adam Green (although nothing like each other OR amanda palmer) also make really ridiculously interesting music.


8:53 PM  
Blogger GemFatale said...

The teen choice awards are voted mostly by Disney and Nickelodeon fans- when voting opens, they sometimes have ads during their programming. The other thing to remember is that by "teen", I think they mean 13-15 y.o's tops. Don't worry. They'll grow out of it and discover Questionable Content, et al. xo

9:31 PM  
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