Sunday, April 02, 2006

I live!

Woah, I'm extremely sorry for the complete lack of updates. I could say I was extremely busy but that would be a lie. Since my last update the only things of importance I have done were
  1. Go to the NYC Comic Con hopped up on painkillers.
  2. Watch Season 1 of Veronica Mars and Popular and every single episode of Dead Like Me.
  3. Fell in love with Top Chef and...
  4. Boycott the L Word.
Okay, well the NYC Comic Con was pretty fricken awesome. I got to see Kevin Smith talk and I bought a Vampire Willow (from Buffy) action figure.

Veronica Mars is pretty much the best TV show on television right now and Popular and Dead Like Me were definatly some of the most original TV series ever created cut short.

Top Chef is the Project Runway. It is amazing. I hate most cooking reality shows but seriously this shit is fricken addicting.

The L Word officially sucks. Dana is dead, Shane is stupid, and Tina is a bitch. The show really needs to end.

Anyway, that's all except that Danielle will be winning America's Next Top Model.
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